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Frequently Asked Questions - Personal Online Banking

How do I enroll for Personal Online Banking?

To enroll in Personal Online Banking, click on "Enroll in Online Banking" link, located on the login page.
Read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Personal Online Banking to continue. Once you have accepted the Terms and Conditions, please fill out the information as requested. If you do not have a security word, please contact an Account Executive for assistance.


How do I sign on to Personal Online Banking?

From the Quad City Bank & Trust home page (, click on "Personal Online Banking" located in the drop-down menu under "View your account online." Once you get to the login page, enter your Username and Password to access your account.

If you are a current online banking user logging into the new Personal Online Banking system for the first time, please sign in with the following information:
Username: Use your current Username / Customer ID
Password: Use the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number as your temporary password. (You will be immediately asked to change your password once you log in)


What if I forgot my Password?

On the Personal Online Banking login page, click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link located next to the Password box. Follow the instructions provided to confirm your identity. After you have properly confirmed your identity, you will be prompted to select your new password.


What if I forgot my Username?

If you have forgotten you Username, please contact an Account Executive at 563.388.7228.


What if I forgot both my Username and Password?

If you have forgotten both your Username and Password, please contact Quad City Bank & Trust at 563.388.7228.


If I know my Username and/or Password but want to change one or both of them, how do I do this?

1. After logging into Personal Online Banking, click on "Self Service" in the navigation bar.
2. Under Personal Information, click "Change User ID/Password."
3. On the Change User ID/Password page, follow the directions provided to change your password and/or your Username:
It is recommended that you change your Password periodically.
To change your password, first enter your current Password in the top box. Enter your desired new
Password in the second box, and enter it again for verification purposes in the third box.
Click "Change Password" to change your Password or click Cancel to return without changing your Password.
You can change your Username used to login to the website in a similar fashion. Enter your current ID, desired new ID, and re-enter the desired new ID a second time for verification purposes.
Click "Change User ID" to change your Username or click Cancel to return without changing your User ID.
In either case, a confirmation screen will appear if the change was successful.
Remember to use your new Username and/or Password the next time you log in.


What are my security questions?

Security questions (also known as Multifactor Authentication) help further prevent unauthorized access to your accounts by serving as an added security measure. When you first enrolled or logged in to the new system for the first time, you selected your four security questions and provided the correct answers to each question. Under certain circumstances, the system may decide to challenge you with one of these questions.
If you need to change your security questions and answers, you can conveniently do this within Personal Online Banking by clicking on "Self Service" in the navigation bar.


Why is my Personal Online Banking session automatically expiring and logging me out?

As an added security measure, Quad City Bank & Trust's new Personal Online Banking system has been set-up to automatically log you out of your session after 15 minutes of inactivity. During the initial weeks after the launch of the new system, the log out time was set at 10 minutes. To address client feedback, while also maintaining the proper security measures, we have extended the amount of time to 15 minutes.

To prevent the system from automatically ending your session and "reset" the timer, you must click on another page/tab within Personal Online Banking or click on any link; simply moving you computer mouse WILL NOT work. We are also aware that clicking on a Check Image does not reset the timer, which can cause someone reconciling their account to be logged out after 15 minutes. We are currently working to address this.


How far back can I view my account transaction history?

You are able to access up to three months of account transaction history.


How far in advance can I set up a transfer?

For a single, one-time transfer, you can schedule it out as far as one year (365 days) from today's date.
For a recurring transfer, you can select "Unlimited" for open-ended transfers that will continue until you cancel them. A recurring transfer cannot have a start date of today.


What is the easiest way to view my last statement?

Click on the "Account" tab and select an account. Once the correct account information is displayed, click on the calendar icons to select a Beginning and End date to pull an account activity report. Once you have determined your dates, click Display. You can also login to eStatements to view your last statement cycle.


How many login tries do I have before I lock myself out and have to contact Quad City Bank & Trust?

You have 3 attempts to properly login to Quad City Bank & Trust's Personal Online Banking system. If, after the third attempt, you lock yourself out, you can go to the login page and click on "Forgot My Password." Once you correctly answer your security questions, it will prompt you to select a new password and allow you into the system. You can also contact an Account Executive at 563.388.7228 to walk you through this process.


What are the minimum system requirements to use Personal Online Banking?

You must have a computer with at least a 28.8 kbps Internet connection and a Web browser with 128-bit encryption.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7
Netscape Navigator 7.1 or later
AOL 9.0 or later
Macintosh with OS X or later
Safari 1.2 or later
Netscape Navigator 7.1 or later
Macintosh with OS 9
Netscape Navigator 7.1 or later


Can I access Personal Online Banking from my PDA/Smartphone?

If you subscribe to internet services for your PDA, you may be able to access the Personal Online Banking web site. The screens may or may not fit within your PDA's display window. This is because the browser may not support it or the application does not fit well into the PDA window. You may experience wrapping of text or needing to scroll up/down, right/left to view the information. At this time, Personal Online Banking is not a mobile application; therefore, we are not able to support questions for PDA services.


Can I receive SMS/Text Alerts from Personal Online Banking to my PDA/Smartphone?

Yes. Email alerts configured on Personal Online Banking can be sent to a PDA/Smartphone as a SMS/Text Message. The SMS/Text Message translated from the email alert is limited to 160 characters, therefore you will receive two or more SMS/Text Messages based on the size of the message.


Does the bank support PDA/Smartphones?

We are not able to troubleshoot PDA problems with Personal Online Banking.


How secure is Personal Online Banking?

The security of your financial information is of the utmost importance to Quad City Bank & Trust. We require the use of a secure browser before a connection can be made to Personal Online Banking. A secure browser will use encryption information (Secure Sockets Layer or SSL) to scramble your information - making it useless to hackers - as it passes across the Internet.


Why is it important to log-out when I am finished using Personal Online Banking?

It is important to log-off when you are finished using Personal Online Banking for security purposes. To protect your privacy, always end your Personal Online Banking session by clicking "log-out" located in the upper-right hand corner of the screen and then closing the browser window.
For your security, the new Personal Online Banking system is set up to automatically end your Personal Online Banking session if there is no activity for 10 minutes.


How can I fortify your computer system?

Although technology has made the internet easy and more accessible for financial activity, there are several ways that computer hackers can obtain personal information; but there are also ways to fight back.
* Protect your password - Make it unique. Experts advise a combination of letters and numbers for your password. Avoid using your pet's name, your birthday, and other easy to remember passwords.
* Update your anti-virus software - Your computer's anti-virus software needs to be updated to protect your computer from new strains of viruses.
* Firewall - This protective software resides between the outside world and your computer which
can help prevent unauthorized access to your computer.
* Patches / Program Upgrades - Software on your computer such as the Operating System &
Internet Browser frequently have Updates or patches made available for them. You should check regularly with your software company to be sure you have the latest patches.
* Spyware protection - Spyware collects personal information to be used fraudulently when a user opens up a seemingly harmless e-mail attachment or clicks on a pop-up advertisement.
* Every computer connected to the Internet should have anti-spyware software installed and updated regularly.
* Phishing - If you receive an unexpected email, or one that you consider suspicious, delete it.
* Remember, Quad City Bank & Trust will never email you and ask you to go to another site to "verify information."


What is Pay a Bill?

"Pay a Bill" is conveniently located on the "Financial Overview" tab. At a quick glance, you are able to view any reminders you have manually set-up within Bill Pay and then pay those bills.


What is Quick Pay?

"Quick Pay" is conveniently located on the "Financial Overview" tab and is a quick way to make a bill payment without having to click on the "Bill Pay" tab.


Where are my Bill Pay checks being mailed from?

Checks issued through the Online Bill Pay are mailed from a processing center in Phoenix, Arizona. For questions regarding checks, call 877.246.7923.


Can I add a Bill Payee that does not have any accounts with Quad City Bank & Trust?

You can pay anyone in the United States that you would normally pay by check or automatic debit. Even if you do not receive bills from the company or person you want to pay, you can add the information used by Quad City Bank & Trust's Bill Pay to make the payments.
Tell us who you want to pay by going to the "Quick Add a Company" or "Person to Pay" page and adding the information we use to make your payments. You can also add an electronic bill from billers that can send them.


What is an electronic bill?

An electronic bill, which is also called an e-bill, is a bill that you can view and pay online at the Payment Center. It typically contains the same information as a paper bill or statement.


Will I automatically start receiving electronic bills (e-bills) once I've set up a payee on Bill Pay?

No, you will not automatically start to receive e-bills from your billers. You have to go through the process of setting this up.


How do I know if my biller sends electronic bills?

When you add a company that can send electronic bills, the following icon appears next to the biller name in the Pay Bills section of the Payment Center: Click the icon to go to the Add an Electronic Bill page. The Add an Electronic Bill page provides a list of all your billers that can send electronic bills. When you complete the information required for one biller, you can sign up for other available bills as well.
Electronic bill information appears in the Payment Assistant. When you select a biller that can send electronic bills, you see links to sign up for electronic billing service or to view, pay, or file your bill.
You can also go to Manage My Bills to add an electronic bill. If the biller does not offer electronic bills, the option does not appear on the Add and Change Bill Options page.


How far in advance of the due date should I make my payments?

You can enter a pay date that is the same as the due date on your bill. The pay date is the date when the biller receives your payment. For most bills, your payment is delivered the next business day. If the payment is sent by check, it can take up to four days for your biller to receive it.


When is the money for the payment withdrawn from my payment account?

Whether the payment is sent electronically or by check, the funds for the payment are withdrawn from your payment account on the pay date you selected.


In case of errors or questions about a Bill Pay transaction, who should I contact?

1. Call a Quad City Bank & Trust Account Executive at 563.388.7228 during customer service hours;
2. Contact us by using the application's e-messaging feature;
3. Telephone Quad City Bank & Trust Bill Payment Support Center at 866-348-6032 between 7:00 am -1:00 am CST;
4. Write us at: Quad City Bank & Trust, 4500 North Brady Street, Davenport, IA 52806