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Gain the added security of overdraft protection and the convenience of additional funds with a Line of Credit. Money is deposited into your account at your request or whenever your checking account is overdrawn, up to your available credit limit. Contact us 563.388.7228 or 888.501.7966 to learn more or click here to apply.

Quad City Line of Credit - Account Features

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases and Cash Advances
12.20% Annual Percentage Rate may vary. The rate is in effect as of April 16, 2014.
Variable Rate Information
Your rate may vary. The rate will be 8.95% spread above the base rate* of Quad City Bank and Trust Company, adjusted monthly.
Grace Period for Repayment of Balance for Purchases
Method of Computing Balances for Purchases
Average Daily Balances Including New Advances
Annual Fee
Transaction Fee for Cash Advances

*Base Rate equals prime rate as published in The Wall Street Journal.

Quad City Line of Credit is a revolving line of credit attached to a Quad City Bank & Trust checking account. Advances in multiples of $50.00, up to the credit limit, are deposited into the checking account at the request of the borrower or whenever the checking account is overdrawn. The minimum payment is 5% of the outstanding loan balance or at least $15.00. The borrower will receive an itemization of the Quad City Line of Credit activity with the checking account statement. If the borrower does not pay at least the minimum payment by the fifteenth day after the statement date, the minimum payment will be withdrawn from the checking account. Request a Quad City Line of Credit Agreement for details.