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Mobile Banking - Frequently Asked Questions

General Information
Lost or Stolen Phone / FAQ'S

What if my phone is lost or stolen?

At any time, you can quickly disable mobile banking on your device from within Quad City Bank & Trust Online Banking. Go to the Self Service Tab and within the "My Phone" tab, find the respective mobile phone number you wish to disable, click on the "I want to:" drop down box and select the "Stop using this phone for mobile banking." Or you can call us at 563.388.7228 during regular business hours. We can either disable your mobile banking accounts or suspend the service until you confirm the phone is actually lost.

What banking functions can I do with Mobile Banking?

You can access and manage your Quad City Bank & Trust accounts quickly and securely from your mobile device:

Are there any fees to use Mobile Money?

There are no fees for using our mobile banking. However, you do need a Quad City Bank & Trust account to use mobile banking, and it's possible your actual account may have a cost associated with it. It's also possible you may incur Internet data charges and text/call costs from your mobile service provider and/or Internet service provider. Check your plan for details.

Do I need a special phone?

No. We have developed mobile banking to work with virtually all of today's most popular mobile phones and service providers. You can use our service if:

How is Mobile Money secure?

Click here for mobile banking security standards.

What can I do to help protect my information while using Mobile banking?

Click here for Mobile Banking security tips.

Do I need a Username and Password?

When logging in to Mobile Banking, you enter the same Username and Password that you use to log in to Quad City Bank & Trust Online Banking.

When I view my Accounts, does the balance stated reflect my Current Balance or my Available Balance?

The Balance listed in the overall Accounts screen reflects your Available Balance only. However, to view your Current Balance, click further to view Account Details. Both the Current and Available Balance will be listed within the Account Details screen.

What happens if I forget my password or am locked out of my account?

Quad City Bank & Trust locks the user out of the mobile phone after 3 failed log-in attempts (just like online banking). If this occurs, a user can conveniently "un-lock" and regain access to their mobile account themselves by accessing the Quad City Bank & Trust Online Banking login page via a computer and selecting "Forgot Password." The user will then be prompted to reset their own password and log in using the new password. Once complete, the user will gain immediate access to their mobile/online accounts again. If this occurs during business hours, you may also call us at 563.388.7228 and we'll happily reset your password for you (once we verify it is you making the request)!

Why does my mobile banking session "time-out" and how often will this occur?

As another layer of security, your mobile banking session will expire and log out after 15 minutes of inactivity. This is the same as Quad City Bank & Trust's Online Banking.

Will I have to enter my Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) questions when logging in to my mobile money account?

You will be required to enter your MFA if you forward your custom mobile banking link to an unrecognized browser (such as another phone or computer). You may also be prompted to enter your MFA if there is a software upgrade to your mobile device.

Are any account details stored on my mobile device?

Quad City Bank & Trust does not store any account details on your mobile device. For additional safety, you should follow these security steps.

What apps are available?

You can currently download our iPhone or Android TouchBanking app.

Log-in screen for the Android App keeps "jumping?"

Quad City Bank & Trust is aware of this issue and that it is isolated to affect Android HTC devices only. We are currently working with our mobile banking service provider to have this resolved. However, in the meantime, we recommend Android HTC users do the following to access their Quad City Bank & Trust accounts via their phone:
We will notify mobile banking users once this issue has been resolved. We greatly apologize for this inconvenience.

Is there a downloadable app for BlackBerry?

The BlackBerry app will be discontinued in the near future. Therefore, we do not plan to offer it as this time. We recognize that it is currently listed as a "Supported Phone" within our enrollment process and are working with our mobile banking provider to have it removed. At this time, our downloadable app applies to only an iPhone or Android mobile device. We apologize for this confusion.